Wifi for Hairdressers

When you are having your hair cut, coloured or styled, there is a chance that you will have some spare time to yourself. Some may read a magazine, others a book, but many of us simply grab our phone and surf their internet or check in on social media.

If you have free to access Wi-Fi in your hairdressing salon, then you are likely to make your customers feel valued and that they are receiving something a little extra. Hairdressers thrive on repeat business, not to mention recommendations, which means that you should try to keep customers as happy as possible.

Not only this, but by allowing your customers to check their social media, you could also get them to check into your hairdressing salon, giving you some free promotion to all their network of friends and family.


How much does it cost?

Wayv costs just £25 per month plus a £100 hardware & set-up fee!

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