Privacy Policy

This site is provided by Web Optic Limited which is a limited company registered in England.

"Wayv" is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients and website users.

This privacy policy applies to all clients and users and to the websites managed by Wayv (including but not limited to, and all subdomains of these) as well as the services and products provided through those sites.

Please note that as referenced in the Wayv Terms & Conditions, the Privacy Policy and any Fair Usage Policy as shown on these pages also constitute part of the Wayv Contract.

1. What information is collected and how is it used?

We ask you to supply certain information when you sign up with us as a client. This information includes your name, the name of your business (if applicable), your postal address, email address, telephone/mobile numbers, fax number (if applicable) and how you heard of us. This information will be used in the management of our own database and to enable us to contact you about the service you have requested (for example, to confirm the purchase of prepay sms alerts or to inform you of the need to top up your sms alerts).

We may also use your email address or mobile number to send you our regular Wayv newsletters by email or text/picture message, see "Newsletter Subscriptions" below.

In addition, when you use our website we store your IP address and may use this information to administer our website and help to diagnose any network or server problems.

2. Do we share your information, data or messages with anyone else?

Wayv will not, without your consent, divulge, sell, lease, rent or provide in any other way your personal information or any of your mobile data, numbers or messages to a third party, except in the following circumstances:


in order to send or receive your sms text or mms picture messages, in which case we need to pass your mobile phone numbers and messages only to our upstream sms/mms gateway partners. The contract we have with them stipulates that they only use such data for the purpose of sending these sms or mms messages and will not pass on your numbers, messages or data to other parties. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties.


we may use other third party, unaffiliated, companies to help us maintain and operate our website or for other reasons related to the operation of our business, and those companies may receive your personally identifiable information or your sms data, messages and numbers for that purpose. The contract we will always seek to create with them will stipulate that they only use such data for the specific purposes agreed between us. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of third parties.


if required to do so by law or by any organisation with appropriate authority including but not limited to Phonepayplus who are the regulatory body in the UK for premium rate charged telecommunications.


if you have signed up for optional services which require us to pass your personal information to another company (see "Optional Services" below).


to any financial institution with whom we hold an account for the purpose of verifying credit status and/or validating financial transactions. This includes but is not limited to Stripe, Paypal, Barclaycard Merchant Services and Datacash.


as our business develops, we may sell or buy corporate assets, and in such transactions customer information may be shared with third parties and become one of the transferred business assets.

3. Credit Cards

Credit card payment for our services is processed by our secure payment service provider Stripe. By using Stripe, no card details are passed to or shared with Wayv, they are all processed within Stripe.

4. Wayv Newsletter Subscriptions & Client Communications

From time to time Wayv will send client communications to those clients who have purchased services or products from Wayv (this does not include signing up for and using any free services or products). Clients may opt in or out of these newsletters at any time by contacting Wayv at

From time to time Wayv will send client communications by email or text/picture message to those clients who have signed up for free services or products from Wayv. It is a requirement of being a "free service or product" Wayv client that you always receive these emails and text/picture messages so that Wayv can keep you fully informed about current and new services or products. Wayv also reserves the right to include advertising for other Wayv services or products and for third parties.

From time to time Wayv may send newsletters to other people who aren't clients who have opted to be included on our newsletter. Anybody may opt in or out of these newsletters at any time by contacting Wayv at

5. Optional Services

From time to time Wayv will offer additional services to our clients. In some cases these services may require us to pass personal data held by us to a third party. Any such service will be optional and the opt-in process will clearly show that personal data will be shared with another company.

6. Links to Other Sites

Our websites may contain advertising and links to other websites. No personal information is passed to other websites if you follow one of these links. Wayv is not responsible for the privacy practices or content of linked websites. We would encourage you to read the privacy statements of other websites, since their privacy policy may differ from ours.

7. Changes to Personal Information

If you need to change the information that we store about you, for example because you have moved or to correct an error, please login to the relevant dashboard or control panel or email Wayv at

8. Cookies

Some cookies are used on this site and are essential, and the site won't work as expected without them. These cookies are set throughout the site. We also use some non-essential cookies to anonymously track visitors or enhance your experience of the site. We do not divulge information gained from our use of cookies to any third parties. If you're not happy with our cookie policy then please leave the site now and feel free to call or email us in order to discuss your requirements. To control third party cookies, you can also adjust your browser settings.

9. Consent

Use of the websites belonging to Wayv as well as the services and products provided through those sites indicates your consent to the collection and use of information as described in this policy as well as your consent for us to communicate with you as described in this policy. Any changes to the policy will be posted on this page and your continuing use of the website and our services and products will indicate your agreement to any changes to this policy.

10. Contacting Wayv

You may contact Wayv by emailing us at


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