WiFi Marketing

Marketing your business is important. So knowing that you can market to your customers, whilst giving something back to your customers is a pretty great idea!

WiFi Marketing might just be one of these options. A marketing process that revolves around free Social WiFi, you can begin to market your business as soon as customers start to log-in to your Wi-Fi.

It starts with a customised landing page, here you can detail a variety of offers, promotions and incentives that you have for your very valued customers.

With Wayv the process of changing your landing page is simple. We have designed it this way after all, why should all marketing be difficult?

You can customise the landing page with a variety of your own images, making sure that it catches the eye so that your customers will take a look at what the page contains.

A great approach to WiFi marketing is to add a deal to the landing page that can benefit your customers then and there. Depending on your industry this could be options such as buy one get one free, a free drink refill or something as simple as early access to special deals and discounts that you offer.

WiFi marketing is effective for a variety of business, and thanks to Wayv it couldn’t be easier to set up and make personal to your business, not to mention your customers.


How much does it cost?

Wayv costs just £25 per month plus a £100 hardware & set-up fee!

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